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How to sound like Scorpions?

There are iconic guitar sounds of bands, artists, guitarists and songs. A certain guitar tone immediately comes to their mind when a guitarist  hears the name Scorpions. Getting the guitar tone of Scorpions is not that easy to do with analog amps and pedals. It may require special amps, very specific processors, a decent budget and a deep know-how. However, this guide may enlighten you about the possible ways to get the Scorpions guitar sounds. Below, there are 5 presets from the mobile app Deplike, where you connect your guitar to your smartphones and get the sound of Scorpions immediately.

These guitar presets may inform you about the gear and their settings you need to sound like Scorpions.

Scorpions Preset #1

Using a SVT and a Phase Shifter pedal is the best choice of the Deplike users and the most liked Scorpions preset in Deplike. Setting up the SVT and the Phase Shifter pedal as it is shown below can give perfect results to find the Scorpions electric guitar sound. Search for the #scorpions presets inside Deplike app.

Scorpions Preset #2

The second most popular Scorpions preset inside Deplike, uses an Overdrive, a Sustainer, a Recto and an Equalizer pedal. The knob settings for the Overdrive, the Sustainer, the Recto and the Equalizer pedal are shown in the image below. The preset has these hashtags: #scorpions #rockyoulikeahurricane

Are you looking for other songs’ settings? Consider checking out our presets video!

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