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 . How to record guitar at home

How to record guitar at home

How to record decent guitar tones without busting the bank?

Building an analog guitar rig can be very time and budget consuming.

Traditional guitar rigs have become a thing of the past, whereas software guitar effects and amp sim plug-ins fulfill every guitar tone needs with so much ease and convenience.

Deplike Guitar FX allows you to dial in a variety of guitar tones without investing in guitar amps, effects pedals and cabinets.

JCM800 on Mac

Deplike Guitar FX simulates an entire guitar rig of amps, cabinets and effects pedals.

You can dial in any guitar tone you want and record inside your choice of DAW:

  • 15 popular amp and cabinet models
  • 20 effects pedals
  • Standalone version
  • Plug-in format to record guitar tracks in your choice of DAW (VST, AU)
  • Grants access on all Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices with a single user account

How to record your guitar tones with Guitar FX?

  1. Download Guitar FX on your device.
  2. Open your choice of DAW or recording software.
  3. Inside your recording software, launch Guitar FX as a plugin.

Guitar FX everywhere. Tweak your tone.

On any device.

All Deplike gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuits of legendary guitar amps, cabinets and FX pedals.

Fully equipped workspace for guitar recording and practice.

Just fire up your favorite DAW that hosts VST or AU plugins.

You can record guitar using effects and amps on your computer using DAWs such as GarageBand, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio and many more.

5150 amp simulation on iPhone