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What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar?

There are several reasons why someone would desire to begin learning to play the guitar. Some people like to be in a band and perform live. Others see it as an excellent activity to do at home to enrich their lives. Whatever your motive for guitar playing, learning new songs is one of the finest ways to enhance your skills improve your skills, as well as your ear and musical timing. While doing standard practice routines and exercises, you can have fun and avoid boredom. Learning more of your favorite songs might be a terrific way to start your guitar adventure. Not only does it provide you with a familiar baseline to refer to, but it’s also a very great experience to listen to a hit single while hanging out with friends or family.

While ripping through a particularly delectable Van Halen solo or a massive Cream riff may be the ultimate aim, musicians at that level were not born in a day to put a new spin on the old saying about Rome. So grab your acoustic or electric guitar and try one of these easy songs that any novice can learn with Deplike’s aid.

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

There are several reasons why The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army is at the top of our list. First and foremost, it’s the ultimate rock-out tune. It’s a gigantic guitar riff that has shaken festival stages, sports arenas, and just about every other venue on the planet. Jack White’s earworm is among the most memorable guitar riffs of the twenty-first century, and it’s also one of the simplest guitar tunes to play, with only seven notes played one after the other on the fifth string.

The main riff is played exclusively on one string, making it one of the most straightforward guitar tunes. It is performed on the fifth string with only five notes. There is a minor riff change every second round, although it hardly deviates from the original one.

Once you’ve mastered the riff, the final piece of the puzzle is two easy power chords, G5 and A5. Find the fifth string (hint: it’s the second fattest on a regular six-string guitar), then play the frets in the following order: 7th, 7th, 10th, 7th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd; conclude with G5 and A5 power chords, and that’s it, the entire riff – simply listen to the recording attentively to pick up the rhythm.

The advantage of studying the Seven Nation Army is that it immediately gets you up and running. Despite its simplicity, it feels good to play and sounds fantastic. It will boost your confidence to take on the following tune. We’d even go so far as to say it’s the finest guitar tune for beginners.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

This song helped Nirvana’s international popularity early in their career. It went well beyond the anticipated audience of grunge and alternative rock enthusiasts to become a cultural phenomenon and a household name.

When the time comes to learn this song, you’re probably already acquainted with the main riff. It utilizes four power chords and doesn’t need to be played particularly close to have that unpleasant edges “garage rock” vibe. It’s a great tune to rock out and not think about anything simply.

The Doors – Break On Through

It doesn’t get much greater than Jim Morrison and The Doors when it comes to musical legends. The Doors were unique in that they did not have a bass player. Instead, keyboardist Ray Manzarek used his left hand to play a Fender Rhodes Key Bass.

Break On Through is one of the many famous songs released by The Doors. Break On Through was chosen because it contains few chords and a basic riff, and it sounds great.

While it is one of the easiest songs to learn on guitar, it may take a bit longer than most. The theme isn’t very difficult technically, but it will take some effort to get the phrasing perfect at the proper speed.

The secret to tunes like these is repetition; play it until it becomes second nature. This song covers a lot of ground; it has atmospheric chords ringing out and a nice riff, both of which are typical of The Doors.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

One masterpiece from four simple chords. One of Dylan’s most popular songs, this gospel-tinged folk tune first appeared on the soundtrack to Sam Peckinpah’s 1973 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid western. It turns out that the chords are also simple.

The sequence is straightforward: G-D-Am followed by G-D-C every other time. There are many chord alternatives, but they are optional. While you’re getting used to playing through the changes, just concentrate on the primary chord sequence.

The strumming pattern is straightforward: a 16th-note sequence, down-up, down-up. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice it. The problem with basic strumming patterns is that it’s easy to lose focus and pace. A great steady tempo is required for a song like this.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

Clapton’s howling entrance is ideal for any beginning guitarist practicing their first solo. In most ways, it’s a simple lead line that will undoubtedly stick with you. The string bends, on the other hand, provide a problem.

String bending is a playing technique that allows you to adjust the pitch by bending the strings – you can hear it from Clapton’s first notes.

Even expert guitarists may fluff Eric’s fluid bends, so be sure you’ve mastered the fundamentals. It’s critical to keep pushing the string down while you bend! Remember that you want to bend up to that other note on the fretboard, not some random in-between location.

The tried-and-true practice method is to first play the unbent target note on the fretboard, then bend the string to strike it. Just make sure to pay close attention as you go.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy

We used the word “earworm” to describe Seven Nation Army, but it pales in comparison to this 1955 effort by Muddy Waters and his guitarist Jimmy Rogers. If we were to select just one riff to represent Chicago blues, if not all blues, it would most likely be Mannish Boy.

The classic guitar line is composed of only five notes: A, D, A, C, and A. That’s it, folks. Go ahead and start riffing on this simple guitar melody. Our job here is finished!

Okay, assuming you need more information, the riff is played by guitar, harmonica, and bass, with each instrument contributing harmony and color. So why not give it a go yourself? You might, for example, play the five-note line higher or lower on the fretboard.

Alternatively, try including a couple more remarks. So, when you reach D, play D, and F# together; when you reach C, play C and E together.

Don’t understand what we’re saying? Simply follow the five-note riff. Most musicians will learn to work out this type of riff by ear.

John Denver – Country Roads

This is the artist’s signature song, and many people will be able to sing along with the lyrics. The lyrics conjure images of West Virginia’s mountains and agriculture, and the tune is warm and inviting. When you first begin playing guitar chords, you’ll note that they’re incredibly simple, almost lullaby-like. The tempo is appropriate for a beginning guitarist, and your fingers will effortlessly strum along with the singing.

Plucking the guitar strings is an excellent way to get others to sing together while you play. A charming arpeggio is also used in the piece, which may be a nice addition to playing alone. Regardless of how you play it, this is a basic guitar song that everyone who hears it will recognize.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

Another ‘must know’ song for every novice, if only for the renowned beginning riff.

The initial riff is not performed with power chords, contrary to how many people perform this song. Instead, a fourth interval is formed by merely barring two notes on the string. In verse, you’ll likewise be playing some arpeggiated power harmonies, which implies you’ll be broadcasting each harmony vibe at the same time as opposed to at the same time.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

RHCP has laid out its fan base and made long-haul monetary progress with such a changed style. They were established in 1983 and have sold more than 16 million records worldwide over its presence. Californication is a fan-most loved track from the collection of a similar name.

The tune has an essential chord design shifting back and forth between the Am and F harmonies. This topic will be rehashed throughout the melody until the chorus when you will play a few huge open chords. This is one of the interesting tunes where you’ll utilize a spotless tone the entire way through.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Nirvana – Come As You Are

Nirvana’s album in 1987 gave a much-needed reprieve from the sparkle and hairspray-energized rock of the 1980s. Nobody expected them to accomplish the commercial achievement they accomplished with their messy, crude and equivalently underproduced sound. Nirvana is presently an overall peculiarity, with 75 million records sold.

While Nirvana isn’t perceived as a riff band, Come As You Are highlights one of the best and most significant starting riffs of all time. It’s very easy to play, making it extraordinary for anybody beginning on the guitar. The tune it’s joined by a genuinely straightforward power chord design.

The Beatles – Twist, and Shout

There are so many successful records by The Beatles that it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. One of The Beatles’ strengths was their easy transition between styles. Their songs can make you laugh, weep, ponder, or dance.

We’re going with one that makes you dance to add some pleasure to your studies. “Twist And Shout” is one of the most recognizable feel-good tunes. Despite its energetic tone, this basic tune may be played with only three chords.

The three chords fill the whole song except the breakdown portions. There are no new chords, only a shift in rhythm and emotion. Breakdown practice is an excellent technique for becoming accustomed to regulating your timing and dynamics. On top of that, it’s simply plain cool!

“Twist And Shout” is a tune that many people believe is more difficult than it is. So learning to play it may provide you with a new party trick.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Bob Marley – Redemption Song

Bob Marley’s most well-known song classic on the list is Redemption Song, another sing-along classic. Redemption Song was probably on the playlist if you imagined a scenario with a campfire and an acoustic guitar.

You’ll recognize the wonderful little finger-picked beginning if you know the song. It’s a classic opening that’s also quite simple to play.

The introduction is easy to perform since it describes the opening chords. So, even though you’re picking out single notes, your hand posture is similar to the rest of the tune.

It’s a song that promotes unity, which makes it ideal for a sing-along. This song has five chords, which is more than most of the others on our list. However, because the chords are all extremely similar in form and fingering, they won’t cause too much trouble.

What Are The Easiest Songs To Play On Guitar? | Conclusion

You might browse through several lists of simple guitar tunes and discover different songs in each one. There are many basic tunes to pick from, and learning new music is always beneficial. However, to progress, you must occasionally consider the larger picture.

We compiled our list by selecting enjoyable songs while also improving various parts of your technical abilities. Make your way through the list; you’ll have fun, and we guarantee you’ll be a better player when you’re finished.

The Deplike Blog presents you with the finest songs, some of which are your favorites. You may keep reading the Deplike Blog to learn more about your favorite tunes and how to play the guitar. The Deplike Learning App, on the other hand, will assist you in learning to play the guitar. The Deplike Learning App can teach you how to play your favorite guitar tunes.