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Guitar Songs By The Eagles That Are Simple To Play

Master Eagles’ Guitar: Play & Sound Legendary with Deplike

As guitarists, we all know The Eagles, right? Okay, we’ve listened to Hotel California at least once. The Eagles is a favourite of all guitarists for its fantastic guitar songs. Hotel California has, of course, been noticed by most guitarists, even with its excellent guitar solo. However, to remind you briefly, the Eagles is a classic rock band that has sold more than 200 million records worldwide since the day they started their music career. On the other hand, the pieces they produced took place as a fixture on rock radios as timeless works, and they continue to do so.

Since its beginning in 1971, The Eagles’ uniqueness came from its six-string instrumentalist roster. This characteristic came from Bernie Leadon, who was the band’s lead singer until Don Felder came to the band in 1974. Leadon was a master of many string instruments and used all the instruments he could play in the band’s repertoire. When they wanted to make the sound, they played heavier, Don Felder took over the vocals, and Bernie Leadon left the band after a while. The band became legendary when Joe Walsh, a master of twin guitar, and Glenn Frey, a master of 12-string acoustics, joined the band.

This article has compiled easy guitar songs of the legendary band the Eagles. The difficulty of the songs in this article, where we try to present the best guitar songs you can play, varies from beginner to advanced. The Eagles guitar songs are genuinely excellent songs to play on the guitar. Especially if you play acoustic guitar, it’s a good idea to take a look! Here are some simple guitar songs you can learn to play:

Guitar Songs by The Eagles That Are Simple to Play | “Already Gone”

“Already Gone” is one of the few songs not written by any band member. This song which Jack Tempchin and Robb Strandlund wrote, was mailed on a cassette to Glenn Frey. Frey had just gotten out of a relationship, so she was hooked on the song. Thus, “Already Gone”, also known for its twin-guitar solos by Don Felder and Glenn Frey, was born.

“Already Gone” is one of the Eagles’ easy guitar songs and one of the best guitar songs you can play with an electric guitar. Playing both the rhythm guitar and the solo guitar is quite easy and fun. The rhythms of this song, which goes with the chord sequence “G – D – C – C/E – C/F – C/F#”, are pretty easy, but in the main guitar part of the song, the chords are played as an arpeggio. On the other hand, chords are played using techniques such as “palm mute” in some parts. First and foremost, I suggest you listen to the song thoroughly and adopt it. Then you can find a lot of video or written material for playing chords or solos on the internet about your desired working method!

“Tequila Sunrise” 

“Tequila Sunrise”, the first single from the band’s second LP, the “Desperado”, came about when Glenn Frey showed up with a guitar riff one day. Glenn Frey showed this riff to Don Henley, and they decided to write a song on this riff and wrote it pretty quickly. “Tequila Sunrise” is one of the pretty easy the Eagles guitar songs. This calm song with a slow rhythm is one of the simple guitar songs you can play.

There is also an easy electric guitar part in the background of this song, where you can play the rhythm part with an acoustic guitar. The chords of this song in the key of G are “G – G – D – D – Am – D – G – G” in the first part, “Em – C – Em – C – Em – Am – D – D” in the second part, and in the third part ” Am – D – Bm – E – Am – B7 – Em – A”. This is a fairly easy guitar song to play as these chords are usually open chords. Except for this generalization, only Bm and B7 chords appear as barre chords. The strumming pattern of this simple guitar song is “D – DU – UDU”. This pattern is the pop-rock rhythm pattern typical to many guitar songs. In order to play this rhythm well, you should leave your right hand as relaxed as possible. Just relax and let the rhythm flow!

Guitar Songs by The Eagles That Are Simple to Play | “Lyin’ Eyes”

Did you know that “Lyin Eyes” was written in two nights? This track, which won the Eagles a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance, is one of the best guitar songs to play. Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote this song without any difficulty. Unlike other times, during the writing of this song, the lyrics just came out on their own. Besides being one of the best guitar songs, “Lyin’ Eyes” is a pretty simple guitar song.

This song, where you can play the rhythm part with an acoustic guitar, is in the key of G, and its chords are “G – Gmaj – C – Am – D – Em – Bm – A”. This simple guitar song that strumming pattern is “DD – UU – DU”, is accompanied by small guitar licks as the lead guitar. If you wish, you can take a friend with you to accompany you while playing this song; even you can even sing the song as a double vocal like the original. Enjoy it!

“Take It Easy”

Befitting its name, “Take it Easy” is one of the Eagles guitar songs that are easy to both listen to and play. Jackson Browne started writing this song in 1971 when the Eagles formed. However, Browne had a hard time completing the song and got help from Glenn Frey, who lived in the same apartment at the time, to complete it. Although it is a very simple guitar song, the effort to complete it may have been because the song was written at an inverse time; of course, we can’t know that. Later, Jackson Browne would talk about Frey as he did the song brilliantly. Thus, “Take it Easy” became the Eagles’ first single and the most streamed song after “Hotel California”.

The chords of “Take it Easy” begin with “G – D – C”. After these verse chords, we move on to the chords “Em – C – G – Am – C” and then end with the “Em” chord. Finally, the song’s loop ends with the chords “C – G – C – G – Am – C – G”. This whole chord cycle is repeated three times. The strumming pattern of this easy guitar song is the pop-rock pattern “D – DU – xU – DU”. There are three guitars in the Eagles group, and this strumming pattern actually lets you sound as if you were making three guitar sounds with one guitar. Who knows, maybe if you take two more guitarist friends with you, you won’t have to do this.

Guitar Songs by The Eagles That Are Simple to Play | “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” is another the Eagles song composed by Jack Tempchin. The Eagles member Glenn Frey heard Tempchin playing this composition and asked if he could improve the composition and play it with his band. Afterwards, Frey gave Tempchin a demo tape that he had developed and recorded the composition. Jack Tempchin was very happy with the way the song came out and agreed to have the Eagles play it. Thus, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” became one of the Eagles’ most loved songs. So how do we play this easy guitar song? Let’s get to work!

First of all, we need to attach our capo to the second fret of our guitar. The key note of the song is D. The chords we will use are “D – G – A7 – Em”, respectively. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple guitar song. Now let’s come to the strumming pattern. This song is played with the well-known pop-rock pattern “DD – UU – DU”. No shutdowns or pauses. It’s a pretty chill strumming pattern that your right hand can move freely.

Aside from the rhythm guitar part, these guitar licks can also be used to accompany the song. You can also play it with a friend. On the other hand, there is a small solo that you can play with the electric guitar towards the middle of the song. The choice is yours, rhythm guitar or lead guitar?

“Hotel California”

“Hotel California”, which is a very cliché the Eagles song, is one of the guitar songs that guitarists often prefer to play. It is the first song of the album the “Hotel California”, which was released in 1976 and bears the same name. The Eagles’ best-known song, “Hotel California”, was composed by Don Felder, Glenn Frey, and Don Henley.

Now, we will tell you how to play “Hotel California”, which is ranked 49th on this “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list. If you want to play the song “Hotel California,” then you’ll need to spend a lot of time practicing. Both the electric and acoustic guitar arpeggios will make you challenge yourself. But our goal in this article is to play easy songs, right? So, we will see how to play “Hotel California” in the simplest way. Thus, no need to worry about anything!

To start playing this easy version, we first need to put the capo on the second fret. In this way, we will be in the same keynote as the original song. On the other hand, since we are using a capo, we will be using fewer barre chords than the original. The chords we will use throughout the song will be “Am – C – D – Dm – E – E7 – G – F”. See, the only barre chord we use is the F chord. Our strumming pattern varies in the verse and chorus parts. On the other hand, the arpeggio in the song’s intro is magnificent. In my opinion, feel free to try a little and at least concentrate on the arpeggios in the intro.

What about more?

Our simplest strumming pattern in the Verse is “DU – DU – DU – DU”. However, this can sound boring while playing. You can use the “D – DDU DD – DU – DU” pattern for better strumming. For a simple strumming in the chorus, you can use the “D – D – D – D – U” pattern. But I want you to know that there is a lot of improvisation in the strumming pattern of this song. So you can further develop your strumming patterns. If you want to get a better sound, you can use a “D – D – DU – U – U – D – DU” pattern in the chorus part. Of course, I know it doesn’t sound very easy, but rest assured, it won’t sound like that when you let yourself go with the rhythm!

We’ve reviewed a few the Eagles songs you can play on the guitar and how they’re played in this article. The Eagles guitar songs are top-rated, and these easy guitar songs should obviously be in every guitarist’s bag. Learning how to play these easy guitar songs will add great variety to your repetition. You can play almost all of the songs by the Eagles with your acoustic guitar, while also improving your electric guitar technique with these guitar licks. Better not wait any longer to practice and enjoy these best guitar songs!

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