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Beginner’s Guide to Gojira Tone

Gojira dropped their latest single last week and made a huge comeback with their Another World video. After more than 20 years of making music, they are still able to deliver genuine, surprising metal music. Another World immediately captures the listener with heavy chugging guitars. The exploding hype after their latest single proves that Gojira has not ceased to impress metal fans. To celebrate the unique style of Gojira, we wanted to revisit one of their fan favourites Oroborus. We will also break down the guitar effects rig, digital amp and cabinet components.



Progressive time patterns of the song make it a tough one to play, but our friend Berkay has nailed it. Your dream Gojira tone is literally in your pocket with this quick and easy setup. Are you not familiar with the concept of using guitar FX or guitar amp simulation apps from your phone? You can refer to the steps below.

First, you need to get yourself a guitar interface to connect your guitar to Android or iOS devices.


Secondly, you need to connect your guitar to your phone or tablet. This way, you will be able to play guitar using an amp sim or guitar FX app. You can capture the high-gain combo tube amp sound of Joe Duplantier easily. Tweak the Gain and Bass levels up on the Deplike Slo100 digital ampSustainer pedal by Deplike will also add a lot of depth to the dark, chugging guitar riffs. Lastly, add the Slo100 cabinet by Deplike. It is the closest you can get to the 4×12″ Celestion speaker tone of  EVH 515 III with this little effort.

Using your phone as an amplifier is the smartest solution. You’ll have many options to shape your sound without buying tons of hardware equipment.